I Have a Few Things To Get Off My Chest…


You ever have one of those days that you just need to unload? Well, today is that day.


I honestly have very little to complain about when it comes to blogging. I love interacting with readers/bloggers and authors! I love being part of this wonderful community and having others to share that love with.


But with the good comes the bad…


And lately I have been experiencing some things that have left a horrible taste in my mouth. So without further ado the following message is brought to you by me and….



1. Getting asked for my publisher contacts

wrongHonestly, this is one of those things that I get contacted about all the time and not just the regular “hey, how did you get an ARC?”


I get questions like “What is the email for ____ publicist?”

If you want to find out how I went about contacting publishers to get ARC’s, I will help you! It’s not this huge secret that I feel the need to keep to myself. In fact, there are PLENTY of blog posts out there by seasoned bloggers that detail good ARC practices.  But asking for specific emails and names of those I have a relationship with?


Not only are you asking me to go out of my way and break the trust I have with said publisher but you are putting me in a really awkward position. Just don’t do it.

2. Getting signed-up for email lists without my consent.

the-office-i-just-want-it-to-stopThis is my biggest pet peeve. For the first few email lists I was “subscribed” to without consent I just marked it as junk and deleted them.


Well I get about 20+ emails a day from authors and bloggers to join tours, share sales, etc. and I have NEVER heard of them and I have never signed up to receive such information.

tumblr_lzmi7mb4P31qb9pa3o1_500Not only is this really rude and unprofessional but it’s spam.

I don’t mind the initial email that states what the intentions are (sharing sales, blog tours, etc.). What sets me off is being subscribed to a generic email from Google and the only way to “unsubscribe” is to politely ask to be removed from said list. Some have removed me. Some haven’t.

3. Getting asked to share all the things.

jooeKDbWhen I first started blogging and using social media I shared EVERYTHING. You have a sale? SHARED. You have a new book? SHARED. You have a teaser? SHARED.

gipandyhyI am very grateful for the audience I have (all 3 of you) and the platform in which I can spread the word, but after a while it became too much.

Too many authors, PA’s, and street teams messaging or posting on my wall. Besides the generic “Dear Blogger” address, the worst is the irrelevant information asking to be shared. I am a romance book blogger. I do no share information about cookbooks, grade-school books, or self-help books.

Because there are SO MANY BOOKS, SO LITTLE TIME, I will only be sharing information about books I am interested in. That includes sales, teasers etc. So if I don’t share your things it’s not out of malice or snobbery or anything icky like that, it’s just that it may not be for me.

4. Blogs soliciting donations for personal expenses

orig-21259500*Note: I am not talking about those that fall under hard times and find the appropriate ways to express their financial need for necessities (food, clothing, shelter, medical treatment, etc.) I have seen firsthand this amazing community come together when a blogger/author/reader is in need so I am in no way bashing those that need a helping hand.

With that said…

Lately I have been seeing this disturbing trend of, “If you love my blog can you donate x amount…”

This kind of boggles my mind.

To solicit donations from your followers to fund your blogging expenses is just plain tacky. tumblr_mdntqrwdL21qltqg1I understand how expensive blogging is if you choose to go the self-hosted route. Not only do you have to pay for your domain, but you pay a host monthly to keep your site up and running. On top of that it gets costly when you add up blog design and giveaways.

There are MANY options that are free if you find yourself unable to afford these costs. Blogger and WordPress.com are great blogging platforms for those looking to spend zero or little money. I started out on WordPress.com because I wasn’t sure just how much I wanted to invest in the beginning of my blog career. Please don’t solicit your followers to fund something you can’t afford because I will unfollow you faster than you can say


Thanks for letting me ventas well as cram my favorite show down your throatbut lets get back to our regularly scheduled programming



Have you seen or experienced any of these blogging etiquette faux pas? Any advice?


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  1. says

    Number 3. My biggest peeve. I do not even have time to respond and politely refuse to all PMs/emails I get about sharing something for someone I have never interacted with.
    Oh and number 2 is annoying as well. I just put everything to junk so I dont see it next time.
    You are not alone in this Kayla.
    Lucia Valovcikova recently posted…REVIEW: Outlander by Diana GabaldonMy Profile

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